August 10, 2007

My World - Photographs by Rebecca Glotfelty

Artist Statement
After nearly a ten-year hiatus from actively taking still photographs, I set out to capture the world around me.   A world that I had almost refused to observe as I did not want to record the moments of my life. 

The 22 photographs in the exhibit, My World, were taken in Charlevoix County and almost all are views of Mt. McSauba Park just north of the city of Charlevoix. For nearly two months in the summer of 2007,  I visited this area of shifting sand dunes, woods and water. My dogs Ollie and Harry would often join me.  They became accustomed to my habitual rest at the crest of the dunes each morning. They, like me, would soak in the magnificent view of sand and water.  Every day brought a new surprise - a beach thistle, a previously unexposed fossil, or weasel tracks left embedded in sand.  Most days, Ollie and Harry would sit and wait as I attempted to capture these sights, however sometimes  anxious to take a morning swim, they would run full steam down the dunes to Lake Michigan.  A few photographs capture this exuberance.

I shot mostly in black and white. 
Color often confuses me.  Black and white photography forces me to pay attention to shapes and composition. Light and dark, textures, etc. seem to pop out when I observe the world this way. Focusing my attention on just this one area forced me to be more aware of my surroundings and to appreciate the wonders that are right beneath my feet. 

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting My World

August 9, 2008

Old Work. 
Hand printed in the darkroom.