February 10, 2008

Artist Profile - Jerry Power

In 1998, Jerry Power sent me a sheet of slides of his work.  I was blown away by his detailed pastels which brilliantly capture the subtle nuances of light and color.  In the last ten years since I've been carrying his work, Jerry has received dozens of awards and has been featured in American Artist magazine and Pastel Journal. It has been a pleasure to know Jerry and his wife, Pati and to carry his work. His paintings have the capacity to transport you to that northern Michigan beach, the abandoned farmstead, or the meadow sprinkled with bachelor buttons and Queen Anne's Lace. 

Artist Statement
I started painting late in my life and found my quickest development came with plein air painting. Although I do paint in oils, I favor pastels when painting in the field because I find them easier to handle. I like to paint scenes with strong shadows so I do most of my landscape painting in the early morning or late afternoon. These are the times the landscapes seem to pull you in. I feel my obligation as an artist is to share with the viewer those moments for they may never come again, and to spark an awareness that nature is both beautiful and fragile. When I did the Artist-in-Residence programs at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and the Indiana Dunes National Shoreline I found it to be the best experiences I’ve had for myart and for my appreciation of the landscape. Almost all the paintings done (some 40 paintings) during my stay were plein air (painted and completed in the field).

To learn more about Jerry Power visit his website:  www.jerrypowerart.com