March 05, 2008

Tai Chi Classes offered by gallery artist.

Did you know that clay artist, Meg McClorey, is also a Certified Alexander Technique instructor of Tai Chi? She teaches classes in Charlevoix and Boyne City, but you can also take part in a week-long tai chi/sailing excursion "Tai Chi on the Inland Seas." from August 24 through August 30. Cycling Salamander is collaborating wtih Exploration Sailing Charters located in Lake Huron's North Channel (Canada) to offer this fabulous opportunity. The week-long trip costs just $1,000/per person and includes accommadations, provisions, and tai chi instruction.

Tai Chi, a form of martial arts from the 12th century, is thought to help a "vital energy" called "qi" (chee) flow through the body. Tai Chi is a low-impact, weight-bearing exercise to benefit bones and joints: an aerobic exercise to benefit cardiovascular health; known to improve physical conditioning, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility for better balance and lowered risk for falls; may help ease pain an stiffness; reported to improve sleep; and may be beneficial to overall wellness.

Read Meg's article , A Tai Chi Practice, featured in the January issue of the Northern Express Magazine.