April 29, 2007

Chip Denison and Pat Custer Denison

The husband and wife team of Chip Denison and Pat Custer Denison collaborate in their Up North, MI ceramic tile studio. Pat is the creative energy responsible for the designs and Chip is the all around facilitation expert doing many of the more tedious production tasks.   2008 marks the Denison's 38th wedding anniversary which coincides with the 38 years Pat has been a professional artist.  

The Denisons produce an annual tiles series which is made up of small editions (100-300) of silk screened designs, glazed and kiln fired, on 6" x 8" ceramic tiles.  Pat hand cuts the stencils (one stencil/screen per color, 5-6 colors per design) and prints each design herself.  Pat and Chirp hand paint a number of the details on each tile in addition to the screened portions.  The number of times each tile is picked up and handled before finally being fired is impressive there is a second firing for the metallic accents.  

Besides the small tile series, the Denison's create large-scale, one of a kind wall pieces.  They design unique, sometimes free shaped, wooden frames for each of these tile paintings.  The frames are often carved, elaborately painted and embellished.  The finished art may include found objects and three dimensional elements.  You can learn more about the Denisons by visiting their website:  www.denisonartstudio.com