June 20, 2010

Featured Artist - Ritch Branstrom

Cycling Salamander is excited to have the famous "can fish" by Rapid River artist Ritch Branstrom.  These fish are being caught quickly by our clients who love them as much as I do.   Ritch will even do special order fish.   One customer recently ordered a Bush's Bean fish to give to a friend who always eats a can of Bush's Baked Beans when his wife is away. Ritch has a variety of fish made from beer cans, juice cans and sport drinks and soda.   And yes you do want to look the fish in the mouth as Ritch usually signs each fish with his name, time and temperature at completion.  One thing you'll learn is that it is really cold in Rapid River for most of the winter months.      

Catch your fish today 
at Cycling Salamander.

More about Ritch

I recently met recycled artist Ritch Branstrom at his Rapid River Studio (the adhocworkshop) in the U.P. of Michigan.  The shop is an amazing array of Ritch's creations and works in progress. It would really be inane for me to try to describe his creations so I'll just post a few photos that I snapped. I have learned that Ritch doesn't really like to have his photo taken so if you stop at his studio, you'll have to snap a photo when he's not looking.

Here's Ritch as I first met him in the doorway of the Adhoc Workshop in Rapid River, MI  (30 or so minutes from Escanaba, MI)  To find out more visit his website