August 15, 2014

Oil Painting en Plein Air Workshop with Caesar Citraro

August 27, 28, 29
Held at Cycling Salamander
02217 US 31 South, Charlevoix, MI 49720
(7 miles south of Charlevoix)

This intensive three-day workshop concentrates on the diverse landscapes (rolling hills, orchards, lake and pond) around the Cycling Salamander Art Gallery. Participants will observe and paint from nature, creating dramatic images emphasizing light, shadow and dynamic design. With an emphasis on the proper use of materials, students will review and expand upon basic and advanced techniques. We will explore how strong composition and visual concepts of shadow and contrast define a painting. Students will develop numerous sketches and mockups to help refine their finished works. Painters of all skill levels are welcome in the class provided they embrace experimentation and possess a willingness to enjoy the process. A materials list and complete schedule will be made available upon registration.  A phone consultation with the instructor is mandatory to review the supplies required.
Included in the workshop:
•Yoga class led by a certified yoga instructor. (optional)
Participation in gallery  opening August 29th reception (optional)
Caesar Citraro is a painter, printer and bookmaker who has dedicated his career to making and preserving works of art. After receiving his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1986, he was hired by the Art Institute of Chicago as a conservation technician. During his tenure he had the opportunity to explore the various collections, which informed his art making. His painting techniques were fashioned after the earliest masters of panel painting with their smooth translucent surfaces, rich colors, and incised details. His materials include wax, colored pencils, and oils that are applied to smooth, gessoed-wood panels. His techniques have included rubbing and burnishing these surfaces, incising them, and adding more colored media into the incised lines to create multi-layered images. 
His relocation from Chicago to Petoskey in 2008 inspired another stylistic turn in his work. His paintings have shifted from the minutia of nature to the broad expanses of land and the flora contained therein. More information at: