Lena Dorey

How One Feels After a Breakup. 2014
24x20 Oil on Canvas
$500 unframed
Lena Dorey is a Michigan singer-songwriter and folk artist working in oils and mixed media.  Her works portray people and animals engaged in simple moments of everyday life.   Her works have been described as quirky and maintain a naive sensibility. She is exhibiting her work for the first time in 2014 at the Cycling Salamander.

"Snuggly" 2014 Oil 8"x10"
Home Invasion #1 - It Could Have Been Me
Self Portrait
20x24 Oil on Canvas
Queenie Flies 2014 - Oil on Canvas
SOLD - Private Collector
"Lone Star Girl- Self Portrait"
8x10 Oil on Canvas

"Something's Out There" 2014 Oil

"Lucky You" 2014 Oil
 16x20  in Handcrafted Frame
"Queenie Waits" 2014 Oil
16x20- with Handcrafted Frame
$550 SOLD

"Queenie Visits Grandpa" 2014 Oil

"Memories of Dead Horse Tree"
20x24 Oil on Canvas -  Handcrafted Frame
"Don't Fence Me In-Self Portrait" 2014
 16x20 Oil
$500 (SOLD)

Visiting Neighbors 2014
16x20 Oil
Bird House -Home of Todd Warner2014
12x12 Oil on Canvas
Beach Grass - Sturgeon Bay 2014
12x12 Oil on Canvas
$225 SOLD

From the Back Forty - 2014
12x12 Oil on Canvas
$200 Framed

Norwood Beach-Facing South - July 2, 2014
8x10 Oil
$150 (Framed)
Late Afternoon in March-Emmet County
12x12 Oil on Canvas
$225 Framed
Orchard in Spring
12x12 Oil on Canvas
 $225 Framed (SOLD)

From the Bluff, Harbor Springs, Michigan
8x10 Oil on canvas panel
Queenie and Topper Alter Ego 2014
16x20 Oil
$550 Framed

Desert Walk,
8x10 Canvas Panel, Sold
Topper posing with Queenie and Topper Alter Ego
16x20 Oil. $600

Pond House in Spring, 2014
12"x12" Oil
$175 Framed (SOLD 8/9/2017)

Outskirts of Petoskey - 2014
8x10 Oil
$200 Framed
Donkey Territory - Bellaire, MI 2014
12"x12" Oil on Canvas
August Afternoon - 2014
8x10 Oil (Framed)
Sunday Calling - Off M119
20x24 Oil on Canvas $650